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 Welcome to SocietÓ di Danza Monza e Brianza
The cultural association SocietÓ di Danza Monza e Brianza performs work of rediscovery and popularization of social dances of the mid-nineteenth century, combining culture and socialization in an activity for young people and adults.

The dances are studied and practiced Waltz, Quadrille, Mazurkas, Polke and Scottish Country Dance.

Information: 339.1846023 (after h. 20:00) - monza@societadidanza.it
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Calendar course
The dance class of nineteenth-century tradition society will start on:
- October 2nd in MONZA, via Iseo 18, Centro Civico

- October 1st in DESIO, via Lampugnani 62, Villa Tittoni Traversi

Teacher Rosa Matera
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Associazione Culturale SocietÓ di Danza Monza e Brianza - C.F. 94622200155 - monza@societadidanza.it