Società di Danza - Circolo Livornese

Baccanali Veneziani

Song, music and dance of XVIII Century

in collaboration with the association Corale Polifonica 'Guido Monaco' of Livorno
and with
Ensemble musicale "Les Nations" of Bologna
Gianna Deidda of the Teatro della Rosa of Firenze

July, 28 and 29,2002

Piazza dei Domenicani, Livorno
Effetto Venezia 2002, Comune di Livorno

"Baccanali Veneziani" presents music, songs and dance of the XVIII Century atmosphere.

The performance is based on the Baccanali Veneziani, popular songs that bring a playful and joyful character of the Carnival time when they were usually sung.
In the evening we present some songs from the collection 'Baccanali Veneziani' by the famous virtuoso bass player and composer Domenico Dragonetti (1763-1846). Dances refer to the ballroom dance and social dance tradition of the XVIII Century and they include contredances, minuet, country dances and entrée.