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Scottish Country Dances. Dai manuali RSCDS

Società di Danza
2010 II Edizione aggiornata e rivista con aggiornamenti annuali - aggiornato al 2022

2009 II Ed. e - A cura di Simonetta Balsamo, Fabio Mòllica
2004 - I Ed. - A cura di S. Balsamo, A. Branchi, Fabio Mòllica
I Libri della Società di Danza

Raccolta di tutto il repertorio in uso nella Società di Danza, prodotto dal 1991 al 2022, aggiornato annualmente - aggiornato al 2022
(ultimo aggiornamento: ottobre 2022 - indice aggiornato)


Scottish Country Dances - Principianti - Reel e Jig

CP-1 Davy's Locker - Reel, Galloway House - Reel, Highland Fair - Jig , Merry Reapers - Jig, Mr. Watson's Favourite - Reel, Watson's Reel - Jig
CP2 Duff's House - Jig, Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel - Jig, Miss Welsh's Reel - Jig, Mrs. Cholmondeley's Reel, Mrs. Stewart Sinton's Reel - Jig
CP-3 Kendall's Hornpipe - Jig, Knit The Pocky - Reel, Miss Brown's Reel - Reel, Saw Ye my Weething - Jig, Scotch Circle - Reel
CP-4 Bob of Fettercairn - Reel, Come Ashore Jolly Tar - Reel, Espie McNabb - Jig, Honeymoon - Reel, Lady Mary Menzie's Reel - Reel
CP-5 Campbells are coming - Reel, Dhoon - Jig, Gib's Special - Jig, Hollin Buss - Jig, Scotland - Jig
CP-6 Duke he was a Bonnie Beau - Reel, Johnny Groat's House - Reel, Miss Falconer's Fancy - Reel, What you please - Jig
CP-7 Duke of Atholl's Reel - Jig, Lord Eglinton's Reel - Reel, Miss Hadden's Reel - Jig, Roxburgh Castle - Reel
CP-8 Captain Macdonald's Fancy - Reel, Rabbie's Reel - Reel, Reel for Jeannie - Reel, Two and Two - Jig
CP-9 Airyhall Delight - Jig, Frisky - Jig, Gibson's Gallop - Reel, Simon's Dance - Reel
CP-10 Cumberland Reel - Jig, Haymakers - Jig, Leap Year - Jig, Strip the Willow - Jig, Virginia Reel - Reel
CP-11 Blue Bonnets - Jig, Cenerentola - Reel, Circassian Circle - Reel, Happy Meeting - Jig, Meg Merrilees - Reel, The Nut - Jig
CP-12 Fairy Dance - Reel, Petronella - Reel, Princess Royal - Reel, Trip to Glasgow - Jig, Well Done Jack! - Jig
CP-13 Dashing White Sergeant - Reel, Flowers of Edinburgh - Reel, La Tempête - Reel, Ladies' Fancy - Jig, Scottish Reform - Jig
CP-14 A Jig for Mrs Dunn - Jig, Le Papillon - Jig, Miss Betty Boyle - Reel, Misses Cramb of Linlithgow - Jig, Old Man of Storr - Reel
CP-15 Inverness Country Dance - Reel, Linton Ploughman - Jig, Rory O'More - Jig, Saint Patrick's Day - Jig, Soldier's Joy - Reel, Torryburn Lassies - Reel, White Cockade - Reel
CP-16 Hey! Jenny, Come down to Jock - Jig, Corn Rigs - Reel - The Punch Bowl - Reel, Cold and Raw - Jig, The Lass o' Livingston, Reel - Jessie's Hornpipe - Reel
CP-17 The Scots Bonnet - Reel, The Laird of Dumbiedykes' Favourite - Reel, The Black Dance - Reel, Barley Bree - Jig, Highland Reel - Reel, Lamb Skinnet- Jig
CP-18 Rosnor Abbey - Jig, The Brownie of Blednoch - Reel, The Merry Oldfellows - Jig, New Caledonia Jig - Jig, Festival Interceltique - Reel, The Goat Fell Gallop - Jig, Joe MacDiarmid's Jig - Jig
CP-19 Come under my plaidie - Reel, It's nae bother - Jig, It's all right - Jig, Dunnet Head - Jig, Bonnie Geordie's Wig - Reel, Clatterin' Brig - Reel
CP-20 Charlestoon Chaser - Jig, The Brudenell Jig - Jig, The Waratah Weaver - Jig, Easy Peasy - Reel, Mr Michael Bear's Reel - Reel, Another Woodland Wander - Jig, The RAMC Rant (Royal Army Medical Corps) - Reel, Simonetta's Reel - Reel
CP-21 Jig to the music - Jig, Dina Roger - Reel, It Should be fun - Jig, The Loch Ness Monster - Reel, Stepping it out - Jig
CP-22 Mouswald - Reel, The Wandering Piper - Jig, Miss Burn's Reel - Reel, The Edinburgh Castle - Reel, The Abbostford Lassies - Reel
CP-23 High Road to Wigton - Reel, Long Live the Queen - Reel, A Highland Welcome - Reel, A Scottish Jig - Jig, A Ring of Friendship - Reel, The Easiest dance - Reel, Red Nose Jig - Reel
CP-24 Kelso Races - Reel, Time to meet - Reel, The Loon Mountain Reel - Reel, The British Grenadiers - Reel, Captain White - Jig, Hamilton House - Jig
CP-25 Miss Bennet's Jig - Jig, Lady C. Bruce Reel - Reel, The Rothesay Rant - Jig, Bonnie Kitty - Reel, The Inverness Reel - Reel, The Honey Moon - Jig
CP-26 Campbell's Frolic - Jig, Miss Jessie Dalrymple's - Reel, Clydeside Lassie - Reel, Perth meets Perth - Reel, The River Cree - Jig, Miss Margaret Hill - Jig
CP-27 Burn's Hornpipe - Reel, Middling Thank you - Jig, Captain McBride's Hornpipe, Antartica Bound - Jig, The Rock and the wee Pickle Tow - Jig, Jenny Come down to Jock - Jig
CP-28 Craigleith - Reel, The Isle of Skye - Reel, Glasgow Regatta - Reel, Jenny dang the Weaver - Reel, Ha! Ha! The Wooin' O' It - Reel, What a beau my Granny was - Reel
CP-29 The Charmer - Jig, Lord Kilmory's Delight - Reel, The Three Sheepskins - Jig, The Eight Men of Moidart - Reel, Short and Sweet - Jig
CP-30 Alice's Request - Jig, The Mountain Stream - Reel, The Ayr Promenade - Jig, Border Meeting - Jig, Barton Barbeque - Reel, The Scotch Tangle - Reel, Old man of Hoy - Reel, The Auld Grey Cat - Reel
CP-31 Pluto's Head - Reel, The Blue Loch - Jig, Come What May - Jig, A Scottish Jaunt - Jig, Largo Frolic - Jig, New Year Jig - Jig, And for the Young Ones - Jig
CP-32 The Somerset Children's Reel - Reel, The Legacy - Jig, The Saint John's Rant - Reel, The Royal Visit - Jig, Pudsey Bear - Jig, A Summer Meeting - Reel, A Passing Fancy - Reel
CP-33 Collie Law - Jig, The Ferry Louper - Jig, Thornycroft - Reel, The Piper and the Penguin - Reel, Off to the Speyside - Jig, The Flying Scotsman - Jig
CP-34 The 'Oban' Reel - Reel, The Westgate Reel - Reel, A Canonbie Ceilidh - Reel, The Coanwood Stuarts - Jig, The Barmkin - Reel
CP-35 The Hospitality Circle - Jig, The Kingston Jig - Jig, 90th Birthday - Jig, Catch as Catch Can - Reel, It's fun to dance - Reel, Walking thru' the Bracken - Jig, The Wright Reel - Reel, Busy Ann - Jig
CP-35 The Sausage Machine - Reel, The Ferry Boat - Jig, Welcome Reel - Reel, A Wee Nothin' - Jig, Circle of Cheer - St Andrew's Fair - Reel, Bit of Both - Reel

Scottish Country Dances - Intermedi - Reel, Jig e Medley

CI-1 Argyll's Fancy - Jig, Berwick Johnnie - Jig, Moray Reel - Jig, Regent's Favourite - Reel, Wedderburn's Reel - Reel
CI-2 Chapman - Reel, Haste to the Wedding - Jig, Kitty Campbell's - Jig, Miss Flora's Favourite - Reel, Tarry a while - Jig
CI-3 Bramble Bush - Jig, Jonny McGill - Jig, Long Chase - Reel, Moudiewort - Jig
CI-4 Periwig - Reel, Round Reel of Eigth - Reel, Starry-Eyed Lassie - Jig, Ye're Welcome, Charly Stuart - Reel
CI-5 Kelloholm Jig - Jig, Mairrit Man's Favourite - Reel, Pink Panda - Reel, Rudha Dubh - Reel
CI-6 Forth Bridge Jig - Jig, Nice to See You - Reel, Reivers - Reel, Royal Deeside Railway - Reel
CI-7 Lady Maxwell's Reel - Medley, Miss Allie Anderson - Jig, New Waterloo Reel - Reel, Reel of Five - Medley
CI-8 Browned off - Reel, Haggis Thrash - Reel, Milltimber Jig - Jig, Miss Nancy Frowns - Jig, Push about the Jorum- Reel
CI-9 Airdrie Lassies - Jig, De'il Among the Tailors - Reel, Duke of Perth - Reel, Machine Without Horses - Jig, Merry Dancers - Jig
CI-10 Isle - Jig, Sailor - Hornpipe, Summer Assembly - Reel, Wild Geese - Jig
CI-11 Captain MacBean's Reel - Reel, Glaikit Stirk and the Parrot - Medley, Light and Airy - Jig, Triumph - Reel
CI-12 Catch the Wind - Hornpipe, Mr. Jain Stuart Robertson - Reel, Napier's Index - Jig, Ways in the New Hall - Reel
CI-13 Bea's delight - Reel, Dumbarton Drums - Reel, Fisherman's Reel - Reel, Music Makars - Reel
CI-14 Lady Susan Stewart's - Reel, I'll mak ye fain to follow me - Jig, Mrs. Macleod of Raasay - Reel, Mid Lothian - Reel, Lassie wi' the Yellow Coatie - Reel
CI-15 The Birks of Abergeldie - Reel, Kiss quick, my mother's coming - Reel, Duran Ranger - Reel, Reel of the 51th Division - Reel
CI-16 Catterin' Brigs - Reel, Leith Country Dance - Jig, The Lassies of Dunse - Jig, Sutters of Selkirk - Reel, Queen Victoria - Reel
CI-17 Royal Albert - Reel, Quadrille Country Dance - Reel, Lady Home's Jig - Jig, More bees a-dancing - Reel, Prince Edward - Reel
CI-18 The Lady Wind - Jig, Lady Dumfries - Reel, Fidget - Reel, The Dusty Miller - Jig, The Highlandman kissed his Mother - Reel, The Fife Hunt - Reel
CI-19 The Homecoming Dance - Reel, Sueno's Stone - Reel, A Capital Jig - Jig, The Grassmarket Reel - Reel
CI-20 Golden Bracken - Reel, Merry Lads of Ayr - Reel, The Lass of Richmond Hill - Reel, Red House - Reel, The Gilly Flower - Jig
CI-21 Uncle Bill's Jig - Jig, Davy Nick Nack - Reel, Domino Five - Reel
CI-22 Mary Erskine - Jig, Granville Market - Jig,The Laird of Milton's Daughter - Jig, Les Plaisirs
CI-23 Andrew and Gordon's Jig - Jig, The Provost Wynd - Reel, The Sandal - Reel, Gloria's Wee Jig - Jig
CI-24 Longfield Reel - Reel, The Seagull - Jig, Hedwig's Reel - Reel, Riverside Jig - Jig, There and back - Reel
CI-25 Hooper's Jig - Jig, La Flora - Jig, The kissing bridge - Reel, Kingussie Flower - Reel, Bill Clement MBE - Jig
CI-26 The Gathering - Reel, The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh - Reel, The Highland Rambler - Reel, Old Nick's lumber room - Jig, The Mason's Apron - Reel
CI-27 Sunshine and Sweetie's Jig - Jig, Gaelforce Wind - Jig, Mrs Stewart's Jig - Jig, Over the Water to Charlie - Jig, Tap the Barrel - Reel
CI-28 The Rutland Reel - Reel, Newburgh Jig - Jig, Crom allt (The Crooked Burn) - Reel, Bethankit - Jig, The Shethland Shepherdess - Jig
CI-29 Little Ross Light - Jig, Netherby Hall - Reel, Figure It Out - Reel, Reel On - Reel, The Changing of the Guard - Reel
CI-30 Back to the Fireside - Reel, Flora's Fancy - Jig, A trip to Applecross - Reel, The Jubilee Jig - Jig
CI-31 My Spouse Nancy - Reel, Abernethy Lasses - Reel, Perth 800 - Reel, Beeswing - Reel, The Doonhamer Delight - Reel
CI-32 All for Mary - Reel, Lady Mary Cochrane's Reel - Reel, Flight to Melbourne - Reel, Cutty Sark - Jig, The Bonnie Links - Reel
CI-33 The Findlay's Jig - Jig, Eric's Jubilee - Reel, Post Chaise - Jig, Shoulder to Shoulder - Jig, Aileen's Reel - Reel
CI-34 The Dancing Bees - Reel, Tae Fife and back - Jig, Not I - Reel, Society Piper - Reel, The Buttercup - Jig
CI-35 Summer on the Beach - Reel, Shiftin' Bobbins - Reel, The Pipe Opener - Jig, Speed the Plough - Reel, A Trip to Aberdeen - Jig, Two to one - Jig
CI-36 The Pele Tower - Jig, Bohemian Reflections - Reel, The Edinburgh Toy Shop - Jig, Side by Side - Jig
CI-37 The Ambassadors' Reel - Reel, Fair Enough - Jig, Open the Door to Three - Jig, Allt an Duin - Reel, Inchmickery - Jig
CI-38 Collichur - Jig, Loch Leven Castle - Reel, Gadie Reel - Reel, The Forth Bridge - Reel, The Dalesman - Reel
CI-39 Pint o'Ale is Fain - Jig, The Frimley Green Reel - Reel, The Countess of Lauderdale's Reel - Reel, The Maids of Currie - Reel, The Water of Fleet - Jig
CI-40 EH3 7AF - Jig, Good Hearted Glasgow - Jig, Lady Catherine Brodie's Reel - Reel, Double Triumph - Jig, Capelthwaite - Reel

Scottish Country Dances - Avanzati - Reel, Jig e Medley

CA-1 Immigrant Lass - Jig, Miss Dumbreck - Reel, Sleepy Maggie - Reel, Swiss Lassie - Reel
CA-2 Dancing Master - Jig, Horseless Carriage - Jig, Water Kelpie - Hornpipe, Fife Ness - Reel CA-20 Hunter's Moon - Jig
CA-3 Back to Bach - Reel, Midnight oil - Jig
CA-4 Caldercruix - Jig, Joie de vivre - Jig, Quarrie's Jig - Jig
CA-5 C'est I'Amour - Jig, Follow me Home - Jig, My Mother's coming in - Reel, West's Hornpipe - Reel
CA-6 Mairi's Wedding - Reel, Montgomery's Rant - Reel, Olympians - Jig, Postie's Jig - Jig
CA-7 Cauld Kail - Medley, Frae A' the Airts - Medley, Glasgow Country Dance - Medley, Middleton Medley
CA-8 General Stuart's Reel - Reel, Glens of Angus - Reel, Golden Pheasant - Jig, The Tantalus Jig - Jig
CA-9 Auld Alliance - Reel, Georgie's Jig - Jig, Pentagon - Reel
CA-10 Cumbrae Reel, Gannochy Reel - Reel, MacLeod's Fancy - Jig
CA-11 Major lan Stewart - Jig, Pelorous Jack - Jig, Tribute to the Borders - Jig, Wigmaleers - Reel
CA-12 Kelpie of Lock Cornisk- Reel, Saint Andrew's Day - Reel, Y2K - Jig
CP-13 Fruit-Cake - Jig, One Fine Day - Reel, Reverend J. MacFarland - Reel, Saltire Society Reel - Reel
CA-14 As the Crow Flies - Reel, Cat and the Fiddle - Jig, Music will tell you - Reel, Todlen Hame - Jig
CA-15 Clansman - Reel, Nurseryman - Jig, Roselath Cross - Jig, There be dragons! - Jig
CA-16 Banff Hornpipe - Reel, Blackwater Reel, College Hornpipe - Reel, Happy Returns - Reel
CA-17 Diamond Jubilee - Jig, Never Look Back - Reel
CA-18 Cadger of Canongate- Reel, Downside Up - Reel, Harvest Moon - Reel
CA-19 Kenora Reel - Reel, Tittle Tattle - Reel, Two-Four-Six-Eigth - Reel
CA-21 Get Weaving - Jig, Mathematicians - Hornpipe
CA-22 Bullers of Buchan - Jig, Muirland Willie - Jig, Slains Castle - Jig
CA-23 Dunnideer - Jig, Island Chain - Jig, Oh, Whistle and I'll come Tae ye, my lad - Jig
CA-24 Bees of Maggieknockater - Jig, Connie's Jig, Duke of Wellington - Reel
CA-25 Alan J. Smith - Jig, Fairbridge Reel - Reel, Westminster Reel - Reel
CA-26 Chequered Court - Jig, Hall Change - Jig, Preston Mill - Reel
CA-27 Dancing in the Street - Reel, David Russell Hall - Reel, James Gray - Jig
CA-28 Cocket Hat - Jig, Irish Rover - Reel, Let's Have a Ceilidh - Reel
CA-29 Noah's Ark - Jig, Slip Knot - Reel, Trip around the world - Jig, Easter Reel - Reel
CA-30 The Recumbent Stone - Reel, The Lanes of Au - Reel, , Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder - Jig
CA-31 Trip to Bavaria - Reel, Off she goes in the North - Jig, Longways Eightsome Reel - Medley, Maxwell's Rant - Reel, Sodger Laddie - Jig
CA-32 Lost in Edinburgh - Jig, Rob Roy - Reel, The Silver Thistle - Reel
CA-33 The Fligth of the Falcon - Jig, Festival Fling - Reel, Gothenburg's Welcome - Jig
CA-34 Fugal Fergus - Jig, The Craven Jig - Jig, A Hasting Welcome - Reel
CA-35 The Blackadder Jig - Jig, The Hawkesbury Rant - Reel, The West Highland Line - Reel, Roundabout - Jig
CA-36 Eileen Watt's Reel - Reel, Knotwork - Jig, Easter Reel - Reel, J.B. Milne - Reel
CA-37 London Reel - Reel, Blooms of Bon Accord - Reel, A Castle in the Air - Reel, The Blackmountain Reel - Reel
CA-38 Summer Wooing - Reel, The Phantom Pier - Jig, Starlight - Reel, The 51th Travellers - Reel
CA-39 The Anniversary Reel - Reel, Portnacraig - Reel, Link with St Petersburg - Jig, The Australian Ladies - Reel, John of Bon Accord - Reel
CA-40 Black Black Oil - Reel, Whiteadder Jig - Jig, Best set in the Hall - Jig, Hungarian Bride - Reel
CA-41 The Alder Burn - Jig, Jane's Jig - Jig, Summer's End - Jig, High Society - Reel
CA-42 The Dancing Man - Reel, Scott Meikle - Reel, The Missing Turn - Reel, The Zoologist - Jig
CA-43 That Sinking Feeling - Reel, Welcome Spring - Jig, The Easter Egg - Jig, XX Years Small Reel - Reel
CA-44 The Weathercock - Jig, The Peterhead Lassies - Jig, The White Heather Jig - Jig, Misses Marshall of Milford - Jig
CA-45 The Ladies of Dunse - Reel, Fifty years on - Jig, The Glenrothes - Jig
CA-46 Miss Johnstone of Ardossan - Reel, Earl of Mansfield - Reel, Betty's Wedding - Medley
CA-47 Vintage Simon - Jig, Holyrood House - Jig, The Queen city salute - Medley
CA-48 Reel of the Gordon Highlanders - Reel, The Faraway Isle - Jig, The Cranberry Tart - Jig, The Silver Square - Reel
CA-49 Dieci - Jig, The Captain's House - Jig, The compleat gardener - Jig, The Pretender - Reel
CA-50 The Whistling Wind - Reel, Inverneill House - Reel, Welcome to Ayr - Jig, Glastonbury Tor - Reel
CA-51 None So Pretty - Reel, The Peat Fire Flame - Reel, Tickle my Fancy - Jig, The Flying Spur - Jig
CA-52 The Fireworks Reel - Reel, Monica's Way - Jig, Kinmont Willie - Jig
CA-53 Bratach Bana - Reel, Glayva - Jig, The Old Grey Cat - Reel, A Trip to the Drakensberg - Jig
CA-54 The First Rain of Spring - Jig, The Wee Cooper O'Fife - Jig, The Emmett's Chase - Jig, The Royal Patron - Reel
CA-55 John Cass - Jig, Rye Twist - Reel, The Wandering Wallaby - Jig, Orpington Caledonians - Reel
CA-56 Rodney's Rant - Jig, The Lady in Red - Jig, The Hazel Tree - Jig, The Festival Man - Jig
CA-57 The Spring Fling Reel - Reel, The Ruby Rant - Reel, The Countness of Dunmore's Reel - Reel
CA-58 Shadow - Jig, Tiptoe Jig - Jig, The Code Breaker - Reel, Cape Breton Island - Reel
CA-59 Tomalena - Reel, Coats land - Jig, Hand in hand - Reel, Scotia Sea - Reel
CA-60 The Argyll Square - Jig, A reel for Alice - Reel, The Quincentenary Jig - Jig, Celtic Crossing - Reel
CA-61 The Dancers' Wedding - Reel, Seton's Ceilidh Band - Jig, Les Remparts de Séville - Jig, The Cuckoo Clock - Reel
CA-62 City Lights - Jig, Double Trouble Triangle - Reel, The Wee croft - Reel
CA-63 The Bon Viveur - Medley, The First of September - Reel, Lord Maclay's Reel - Reel, Baldowan Jig - Jig, Tiptoe and sway - Reel
CA-64 The Aviator - Jig, Peggy Dewar - Reel, The Honeycomb - Reel, The Chairman's Chain - Jig
CA-65 A Trip to Timber Ridge - Reel, 1314 (Thirteen-Fourteen) - Medley, Farewell to Balfour Road - Jig, The Inimitable Derek - Reel, Crown Court - Jig
CA-66 St Andrew's Gardens - Jig, The Skeely Skipper - Jig, Dancing the Baby - Reel o Medley (Reel-Strathspey), The St Andrew's Platinum Reel - Reel
CA-67 The Ullapool Ferry - Reel, The Exciseman - Jig, Midsummer Madness - Jig, Jimmy's Shore Fancy - Reel
CA-68 Joy to the World - Jig, The Carleton Jig - Jig, Da Rain Dancin' - Reel, The Quincenetenary Reel - Reel
CA-69 Touch me not - Jig, St Andrew's of Brampton - Reel, Aird of Colgach - Jig
CA-70 Summer Dreams - Reel, Teddy Bear's Pic Nic - Jig, Double Postie's Jig - Jig, Jimmy's Mrs MacPherson of Inveran - Reel


S-1 Deacon of the Weawers, Glasgow Flourish, Inch of Perth, Invercauld's Reel, Monymusk
S-2 Bridge of Nairn, Dainty Davie, Lover's Knot, Miss lsabella McLeod, Three Bonnie Maidens
S-3 Braes of Mellinish, Fête, Quiet and Snug, Rakes of Glasgow, Up in the air
S-4 Alltshellack, Boyndie Knot, Edinburgh Volunteers, Peggy's Love
S-5 Fair Donald, Gentleman, Seann Triubhas Willichan, Sugar Candie
S-6 Miss Gibson's, Neidpath Castle, Road to Mallaig, Silver Tassie
S-7 Ballemuir, Cape Town Wedding, New Park,
S-8 Mrs Hamilton of Wishaw, Odd Thougths, Prince of Wales, Village Reel
S-9 Adieau Mon Ami, Miss Milligan' Strathspey, Triplicity
S-10 Rings around the moon, Rob Roy MacGregor, S-Locomotion
S-11 The Saltire Strathspey, May Yarker's Strathspey, Anna Holden's Strathspey, Balmoral Strathspey
S-12 Belle of Bon Accord, The Minister on the Loch, Nothing in Common, Hope Little Strathspey
S-13 Cherrybanks Gardens, Lady Peak's Strathspey, Butterscotch and Honey, Gramachie
S-14 Gang the same gate, Madonald of the Isles, The Wind on Loch Fine, The Garry Strathspey
S-15 Double Eighty, The Byron Strathspey, The Three Sisters, The Silver Grey, The Farlkirk bairn
S-16 Sands of Morar, The Flower of Glasgow, The Wishing Well
S-17 The Gardener's Fantasia, Barbara's Strathspey, The Tartan Rainbow, Balquidder Strathspey, The Marquis of Lorne, The Bonnie Tree
S-18 Sandy O'er the Lea, Duchess of York, The Misty Isle in Summer, John McAlpin
S-19 Jean Martin of Aberdeen, The Mormond Hill, Snow on the roof, A trip to Tabiano
S-20 Sally's Fancy, Linnea's Strathspey, The Valentine, Aging Gracefully
S-21 Friendships, It wisnae me, Memories of Mary Ann, Jenny's Bawbee, Miss Ogilvie's Fancy
S-22 Jimmy's Fancy, The Paisley Weavers, Tartan Plaidie, Wisp of Thistle, Karin's Strathspey, The Falkirk Lass
S-23 Rougemont Castle, A Summer Meeting, Strathmore, Miss Florence Adams
S-24 Green Grow the Rashes, Lady Lucy Ramsay, Autumn in Appin
S-25 The Water of Leith, Alison Rose, The Greenmantle, Axum Reel
S-26 Round and Roundabout, Miss Eleanor, Margaret Parker's Strathspey, The Banks of Clyde
S-27 Glasgow Lasses, The Dream Catcher, Lady Charlotte Bruce, Largo Law
S-28 The Grants' New Rant, Mathilde is a Delight, Midsummer Common, There's Something About Thirty
S-29 The Trysting Place, The Quaich, Loch Ness Monster, Asilomar Romantic
S-30 Bill Little's Strathspey, Moment of Truth, The Beauty of the North, The Silver Strathspey
S-31 Bob Campbell, Holyrood Strathspey, Hallo-Goodbye, Caerlaverock Castle
S-32 Clydebank Strathspey, New Abbey, Memories, Lord Elgin's Reel, Dunfermline to Sarasota, Saint Martin's Strathspey
S-33 Muse Cottage, Triple Happiness, Out of Thin Air, Prince Rupert's Strathspey, The Star, The Dowry Bride
S-34 Ca' the Ewes tae the Knowes, Bedrule, The Marklands, The Flower o' the Quern, The Haar on Skye

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