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19th Century Dance School
National Federation Società di Danza - directed by Fabio Mòllica
Waltz, Quadrlle, Coutry dance, Mazurka, Polka and Scottish Country Dnc
Tea Dance and Grand Balls

Promotion of historical reseach in the dance field.

Information: 339 3331613 - assunta.fanuli2016@gmail.com

Year 2023-2024

The Società di Danza in Attigliano promotes and organizes 19th century and Scottish dance meetings.
Through the look, the movements of the body and the right rhythm of the feet it will be possible to enter the magical world of quadrilles, waltzes, 19th-century mazurkas.
With the lively rhythm of the Scottish country dances you will learn how to play and draw ever new geometries and to dance them together with the others thanks to the magic of a glance.
All this accompanied by the beauty of the music and the places where, during the year, parties, grand balls and shows will take place both in Italy and abroad.

Teacher: Assunta Fanuli, artistic director of the Circolo Pugliese

Course of 19th century dance - Attigliano

Simmetria Institute Library Museum
Fondazione Lanzi

Via Roma 95
Attigliano (Tr)

on Sunday every month, h. 16-19
Calendar: 22/10, 19/11, 17/12, 28/1, 25/2, 24/3, 21/4, 5/5

Teacher: Assunta Fanuli
Information: 339 3331613

Società di Danza

Rose's Grand Ball

Suunday 12 May 2023, h. 17
Palazzo Petrignani
Via del Duomo 3
Amelia (Tr)

Assunta 339.3331613

Year 2022-2023

Società di Danza in Attigliano organized 19th century and Scottish dance meetings periodic classes in 2022-2023 with teacher Assunta Fanuli.

Società di Danza

19th Century Ball

Sunday 9 July 2023, h. 19.30
La Gabelletta
Strada Tuderte 20
Amelia (Tr)

Program: Spanish Waltzo, March Arciduca Carlo, Waltz Acquarelli, Quadrille Etruria 1-2-3, Mazurka Don Chisciotte, Welcome Reel, Waltz Luigini, The Triumph,
Quadrille Araldi 1-2-3-4, Mazurka Alpenrose, Galop

Information: Assunta 339.3331613 - puglia@societadidanza.it

The course is open to participants of all ages who want to discover the magic of ancient and Scottish dances.
During the meetings we will learn choreographies typical of the 19th century tradition, full of elegance and beauty.
We will dance on geometric patterns connected to an ancient wisdom, to the eurythmy of all the peoples of the Earth, exalted by the magnificence of clothing.
Over time we will then form a "group of dancers" with which we will carry out historical events in period costume.
Dance techniques open up to a completely different vision of "dance" and to a plastic and philosophical as well as amusing use of it.

Teacher: Assunta Fanuli
Scholar, costume designer, choreographer and teacher of historical dances, she is an expert in the history of dances. President of the Circolo Pugliese of the Società di Danza.
This has been operating in Italy and abroad for several years; 30 years old and is “ directed at national level by Fabio Mòllica, author of numerous texts on historical dance culture.

It is also the creator of the Assunta Fanuli Atelier and founder of Lo Specchio delle Arti.
Link Atelier: http://www.assuntafanuliatelier.com/
Specchio delle Arti link: https://www.facebook.com/lospecchiodellearti/

Società di Danza