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School of 19th Century Dance
Cultural association directed by Fabio Mòllica
National Federation Società di Danza
Waltz, Quadrille, Contry Dances, Mazurka, Polka and Scottish Country Dances
Tea dances and Balls

Information - 339.1948712 - siena@societadidanza.it

Year 2021-2022

Società di Danza Siena organizes a
new course of 19th Century dance for the year 2021-2022

Course of 19th Century Dance

First class
Saturday 23 October 2021, h. 15.30
Course at
Confraternita di Misericordia e Fratres, Via Roma 521
Monteroni d'Arbia (Siena)
on Saturday afternoon, periodic, form h. 15.30
Teacher: Giancarlo Bartoli

Information: 339 1948712 - siena@societadidanza.it

Past activities

Società di Danza started activities in Siena form October 2011 to May 2012 with periodic classes in Siena and Tavarnelle Val di Pesa.
From the year 2012-2013 Società di Danza collaborated with the group of Società di Danza in Firenze, with periodic classes on Saturday in the years form 2012 -2013 to 2020.
Dancers of Società di Danza - Siena participate to several events, grand balls, stages, and seminars of Società di Danza all over Italy.

Società di Danza in Siena organized some events, in particolar the Grand Ball Risorgimentale
in collaboration with Prefettura di Siena, for the 'Festa della Repubblica' on June, 2, 2011.
The Grand Ball Risorgimentale is a project Grand Balls Risorgmentali developed by Società di Danza all over Italy in collaboration with insitutions and administration
to celebrate the founding values of Risorgimento and United Italy, with the recontruction of events of 19th Cnetury dance.
See here for further details.

Year 2012-2013 and 2011-2012: Società di Danza organized a course of 19th century dance for the year 2012-2013 and 2011-2012 as a joint group of Siena and Firenze,
with periodic classes on Saturday form October 2012 to May 2013, and from October 2011 to May 2012 with periodic classes, held in Siena and in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, with teacher S. Balsamo

Some realized activities

Grand Ball Risorgimentale
2 June 2011, h. 18
Piazza del Duomo

in Festa della Repubblica
organized by:
Prefettura di Siena - Comune di Siena

for the 150th anniversary of the Unificiation of Italy

in collaboration with Circolo Pisano della Società di Danza

Course of 19th century dance

Periodic classes in from October 2012
on Saturday afternoon from 15.30 to 18
Teacher: S. Balsamo

In preparation of 19th Century Gran Balls
2012: 6-20-27/10, 17/11, 15/12 (Tavarnelle Val di Pesa)
2013: 5-19/1, 26/1, 9-23/2, 9-23/3, 13/4 (Tavarnelle)
Information: tel. 339.1948712
Ninteenth Century Ball

Saturday 26 May 2012, h. 17.30
in Asilo Butini Bourke
Via dei Pispini
19th century dances by the
cultural association Società di Danza
in collaboration with
'Contrada del Nicchio',
in 'Charity Night'

A buffet dinner follows
Charity for Butini Bourke
for the purchase of equipment to help guests

Società di Danza