Societa' di Danza - Salento 2012

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Società di Danza - Salento

Holiday and Dance

Dance and holiday in Salento

Salento, Apulia
25 August - 1 September 2012

A week of sea and holiday
and events of 19th century dance and Scottish dance

DanzaVacanza in Salento is presented this year as a week dedicated to the sea, inland excursions and events of the nineteenth century and Scottish dance in squares, gardens, and castles.
The "House of Holidays" of the Società di Danza will be =Villa Raffaella
"the most beautiful historic homes in Santa Cesarea Terme, [...] that has preserved the atmosphere, furnishings and decorations of the early twentieth century, when the Baroness Raffaella Papaleo Barons Lubbelli loved to spend long periods in the family home to devote himself to music and reading."
A holiday lived in the most genuine spirit that has always inspired the Società di Danza and its cultural offerings. First person relive the moments of dance and accompany with a taste for the slow, good food, fine art and landscapes.

Villa Raffaella is still some places available. We invite the uncertain to decide as soon as possible: Saturday, June 9th is the last day to book their DanzaVacanza at discounted prices.


Monday 27: h. 20.00 Fondazione Le Costantine di Casamassella
Scottish Country Dances. With the piper Pietro Malaguti
in collaboration with Pro Loco di Uggiano and Casamassella
Wednesday29: h. 18.00 "Dancin visit to Villa Tamborino" Maglie
In the 19th century italian garden of Tamborino family given to the town of Maglie
walk in 19th century dress and Grand Ball in the evening.
Friday 31: 20.30 "Grand Ball at Castello De' Monti" of Corigliano d'Otranto
19th century ball in 19th century dress.

Some information

Proposals in beautiful places to stay:

Villa Raffaella, Santa Cesarea Terme (Le)

Cost minimum per persona, breakfast included
Double room E 420,00 - use as single room E 630,00
Apartments for 2 persons (+ sofabed) 2 places E455,00 - 3 places E 350,00 - 4 places E 300,00

Villa Raffaella has been reserved by Società di Danza.
There is a limited number of accommodation (8 apartments and 6 rooms) and early booking is suggested.

Moreover there is another simple and particular lodging proposal:
Masseria Le Costantine, Casamassella (Le)

Lodging is in large rooms with half board: choice between lunch and dinner only with biodynamic products
Can accommodate tents and / or camper. Pets for free.
The booking and the deposit of 150 euros must be received by June 15, 2012.

Reservation have to be done with Circolo Pugliese, that can provide further details.
Depliant (pdf) - (in Italian)

To receive further information contact Circolo Pugliese:
Assunta Fanuli 339 3331613 -

Società di Danza