Societa' di Danza - Salento 2014

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Società di Danza - Salento

Holiday and Dance

Dance and holiday in Salento 2014

Salento, Apulia
19 - 26 July 2014

A week of sea and holiday
and events of 19th century dance and Scottish dance

A week of Dance and Hoiday in Salentom to the sea, inland excursions and events of the nineteenth century and Scottish dance in squares, gardens, and castles.

We stay at the Castello De Viti de Marco, Casamassella - Otranto (Lecce).

General program

One 19th century balls
One Scottish Party
One 19th century dinner in costume at Castello De Viti de Marco*

* The 19th century dinnerwill be with original recipes and table set according to the time...

Detailed program

23 July 2014 - h. 21.30
Melpignano (Le), Piazza San Giorgio

Scottish Dance and animation of Scottish Country Dance

Dance Program
Loch Ness Monster Reel, The Wandering Piper, Cauld Kail, Waltz Country Dance, Caledonian Quadrille, The Triumph,
Virginia Reel, Cindarella, The Abbotsford Lassies, Mairi's Wedding, Dina Roger, The Olympians, Festival Interceltique


24 July 2014 - h. 21
Casamassella (Le)

19th century Dance and Dinner at Castello De Viti De Marco
Dinner and dance devoted to Waltz and Quadrille

Dance Program
Spanish Waltz, Quadrille Amazzoni, Waltz Repubblica Ligure, Quadrille Annika, Waltz à la Paganini, Quadrille Orfeo, Mazurka Da Lontano

25 July 2014 - h. 21
Poggiardo (Le)

19th Century Ball at Villa Piscopo

Dance Program
Spagish Waltz, Quadrille Amazzoni, The Wandering Piper, Mazurka Amazzoni, Quadrille Annika, Waltz Repubblica Ligure, Quadrille Orfeo, Waltz à la Paganini, The Triumph, Mazurka Da Lontano


Overnight stay + breakfast from 375 E to 410 E per person for the entire week
(the cost difference depends on the nature and location of the room)

Opportunity to take lunch and dinner at a cost of 18 E (book the day before)
The Castello that week will be managed by Circolo Pugliese della Società di Danza

The cost of the events and the 19th century dinner are not included in the above-mentioned fee.
You can book by paying a deposit of 200 E per person
The Castle has a limited capacity
It is advisable to book as soon as possible

Deadline 8 May 2014

To receive further information contact Circolo Pugliese as soon as possible:
Tel. 339 3331613
Circolo Pugliese

Further details about Castello de Viti:

Società di Danza