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Società di Danza - Loira Castles

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Dance and Holiday - Loira Castles
Grand Balls
4 - 11 August 2012

A week of Holiday and Balls in the Loira Valley.
We will visit the most beutiful French castles and we will dance in the courtyards and historic squares.
We will stay in Tours at the Grand Hotel and Holiday Inn.
Some information about organization
Costs per person
Seven nights with breakfast at the Grand Hotel or the Alliance-Holiday Inn and Three Dances:
double room 520 euros, with three beds 490 E, 850 E single.
Not included: travel, excursions and entrance to the Castles.

Who has already reserved by the first deposit of 100 E, has to make the second deposit of 200 E within 15.6.
Who has not already reserved by the first deposit and wants to reserve has to make the deposit of 300 E within 15.6.
The full balance is due to the Robintour Agency by 9.7.2012.

Two buses will leave from Italy. Contact the Società di Danza to make a reservation.
The travel organization and reservation has to be completed within 30.6.2012.

For further information and reservation:
info@societadidanza.it tel. +39 339 8316008
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