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Grand Ball in the Prussian Castles
Dance in Berlin e Brandeburg

22 -29 July 2017

A journey to the Prussian castles,
to Berlin and Brandeburg, in one of the best European capitals and an opportunity to meet
new dancing friends.

We join the pleasure of the visit to the city and the castels
with the with the pleasure of dancing with nineteenth-century dance groups
We realize a 19th century Grand Ball
in a large historical hall

Summer Scottish Party
Wednesday 26.7.2017
Ballsaal di Bismarckhöhe, Hoher Weg 150, Werder

Dancing evening
Thursday 27.7.2017
Maxixe Tanzschule und Ballsaal, Fidicinstr. 3, Berlin Kreuzberg

Grand Ball
Friday 28.7.2017
Ballhaus Pankow, Grabbealle 51-53


Saturday 22 July Arrival, free
Sunday 23 July Visit to Charlottenburg Palace, Old Palace, New Wing, Belvedere, New Pavillon, Garden
Monday 24 July Museum Isle, Pergamon Museum, Cathedral of Berlin, Neues Museum
Tuesday 25 July Sanssouci Palace, Sanssouci garden, Charlottenhof Palace, Chinese House, Friedenskirche, Glienicke Palace, New Chambers, Roman Bath
Wednesday 26 July Sanssouci New palace and Sanssouci park
Scottish Party: Ballsaal di Bismarckhöhe, Hoher Weg 150, 14542 Werder (Havel), h. 19
Arrival h.18.
Thursday 27 July Free
Dancing evening, dances form the Ball program: Maxixe, Tanzschule und Ballsaal, Fidicinstr. 3, 10965 Berlin Kreuzberg
Friday 28 July Schönhausen Palace and Garden

Grand Ball on Friday 28th July at the large (400 mq) historical 19th Century ballroom (1880) Ballhouse Pankow, close to Schönhausen Castle in the Berlin suburbs.
Dress cose: 19th Century ball dress, romantic period.
Saturday 29 July Departure

Summer Scottish Party
Wednesday 26 July 2017, h. 19-22
1. New Caledonia Jig, J32, 4C - 2. Virginia Reel, R40, 4C - 3. Butterscotch and Honey, S32, 4C
4. Nice to see you, R32, RR 3 fronte a 3 - 5. Pelorous Jack, J32, 3C(4C) - 6. Clydeside Lassies, R32, 2C(4C)
7. Alison Rose, S32, 4C - 8. It's All Right, R32, 3C(4C) - 9. Domino Five, J32, 5 p.
10. The Byron Strathspey, S32, 3Cset - 11. The Campbells are coming, R32, RR, 2C - 12. Mairi's Wedding, R40, 3C(4C)
13. The Waratah Weaver, J32, 4C - 14. Festival Interceltique, R40, RR, 1C

Dance Cribs - Diagrams
Address: Bismarckhöhe Werder, Hoher Weg 150, 14542 Werder (Havel)
How to get there: There are some parking places directly available at the Bismarckhöhe, in case no limitation on neighboring streets.
Busses have access, very limited public transport from Berlin (1 h away). Very nice and historic area, recommend early arrival

Dancing Evening
Thursday 27 July 2017, h. 18-21
dances form the Ball program
Address: Berlin Kreuzberg, Maxixe - Tanzschule und Ballsaal, Fidicinstr. 3, 10965 Berlin Kreuzberg
How to get there: The dance school in the court of Fidicinstrasse. You have first to enter the side gateway, building B formerly a brewery area. (Die Tanzschule befindet sich auf dem 1. Hof (Gebäude B) des Gewerbegeländes der ehemaligen Bockbrauerei. Der Zugang ist sowohl ├╝ber die Fidicinstr. 3 als auch &uulm;ber die Schwiebusser Str. 16 möglich.). There is an underground station in the neighborhood, U6 -Platz der Luftbrücke Bus 104 and 248 -Platz der Luftbrücke. Parking only on public street (might be limited) site
Grand Ball
Friday 28 July 2017, h. 18
Spanish Waltz, Caroussel March, French Quadrille, Waltz Flammen, Mazurka Annina, Pas de trois,
Waltz Simpaty, Mazurka hertz in hertz, Waltz Heimats Kinder, Polka Roma, Les Lancers, Rinka, March 'Risorgimentale', Waltz the waves, Hungarian March, Les Variétés Parisiennes, Nice to see you, Flowers' Waltz, Waltz Country dance, Galop
Address: Ballhaus Pankow, Grabbeallee 53, 13156 Berlin

How to get there: public transport by tram M1 and bus 107 and 250, stop "Tschaikowskistrasse" directly in front of Ballhaus. Ballhaus is not directly on the street (second building behind); only 3 parking places directly by the Ballhaus, parking places on the street might be occupied by natives. Bus on/off loading on the main street.

Map of the Dance Halls

For information: info@societadidanza.it

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