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Grand Bal d'Europe
Dance in Flanders and Wallonia

21 -28 July 2018

Program - Grand Ball - Scottish Party - Map - Pratical info

Nineteenth-Century Grand Ball
in one of the most prestigious historical halls of Brussels
With the participation of dancers
from different European countries

Grand Bal d'Europe
Friday 27.7.2018
Cercle Royal Gaulois
Salle des Caryatides

Scottish dance evening - Tuesday 24.7.2018
Grand Ball rehearsal event - Thursday 26.7.2018

For information: info@societadidanza.it

Saturday 21 July Arrival, free evening
Sunday 22 July Visit to Brussels
Monday 23 July Ghent and Bruges
Tuesday 24 July Free day - Scottish dance evening
Wednesday 26 July Loviano and Liége
Thursday 26 July Antwerp and evening of dance rehearsals of the Grand Ball
Friday 27 July 19th Century Grand Ball - atCercle Royal Gaulois

Dress cose: 19th Century ball dress, romantic period.
Saturday 28 July Departure

Grand Ball
Grand Bal d'Europe

Friday 27 July 2018
Cercle Royal Gaulois, Salle des Caryatides

Address: Rue de la Loi 5, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgio
Entrance by invitation and reservation

Contact info@societadidanza.it

Dance program
Spanish Waltz, Kossuth March, Contraddanza 'Guglielmo Tell', Waltz à la Paganini, Quadrille The Lancers, Pas de trois,
Waltz 'La figlia del Reggimento', Contraddanza 'La Favorita', Mazurka Promenade, French Quadrille, Waltz 'La Gazza ladra', Polka,
Contraddanza 'Questa o Quella', Flowers' Waltz, Caroussel March, Galop

Summer Scottish Party

Tuesday 24 July 2018, h. 19-22

Address: Centre Sportif Albert Demuyter, Rue Volta 18, 1050 Ixelles

Contat: info@societadidanza.it

1. Border Meeting, J32, RR 2C - 2. Easy Peasy, R32, 2C(4C) - 3. The Highland Fair J32, 2C(4C) - 4. The Montgomeries' Rant, R32, 3C(4C) -
5. Seann Truibhas Willichan, S32, 2C(4C) - 6. The Soldier's Joy, R32 3C(4C) - 7. Gaelforce Wind, J32 3C(4C) - 8. Mairi's Wedding, R40, 3C(4C) -
9. Kendall's Hornpipe, J32, 2C(4C) - 10. Lady C. Bruce's Reel, R32, 2C(4C) - 11. Invercauld's Reel, S32, 3C(4C) -
12. The Dancing Bees, R32, 3C(4C) - 13. Rory O'Moore, R32, 2C(4C) - 14. Festival Interceltique, R40, RR, 1C

Cribs - Diagrams

How to get there (see below) - Directions: from Hotel Ramada, bus 79 (from Capricorne to Diamant 5 stops), tram 7 (to Etterbeek Gare 7 stops), bus 95 (to Relais, 3 stops) and by foot 6 minutes; or: from Diamant metro 25 (to Solbosch 11 stops) and by foot 10 minutes

Dancing Evening

Thrsday 26 July 2018, h. 19-22
Dance rehearsals of Grand Ball

Address: Centre Sportif Albert Demuyter, Rue Volta 18, 1050 Ixelles
How to get there - Directions: see above as for the Scottish Party

Map of dance hall and other

Some practical info
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For further information: info@societadidanza.it

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