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Circolo Pisano della Società di Danza
Program Schubertiana


15 luglio 2001 - Cortile della Sapienza, Pisa

Circolo Pisano della Società di Danza
Pianist: Daniela Freschi

Costumes: Assunta Fanuli


The Schubertiana presented by the Circolo Pisano della Società di Danza is a reconstruction of the social dance repertory of the early XIX Century with the music by Franz Schubert. The performance presents several pieces of romantic music and dance, specifically referring to Schubert production. We aim to reconstruct the idea of a Schubertiade, a meeting of friends passionately fond of music, sing and dance.
The presented dances include the typical dances of the time, with scottish dances (ecoissases), waltz, lšndler, an early XIX Century quadrille, a minuet, typical XVIII Century couple dance, still in fashion at the beginning of the XIX Century, entry marsch and the final galop. Dance coreographies are reconstructed with philological accuracy on the basis of dance and step descriptions of the European dance and ball manuals of the early XIX Century. Dances are presented by couples of dancer with costumes of the period.
The program alternates dance, sing and solo piano pieces. We present some lieder, significant and representative elements of Franz Schubert production, based on J.W. Ghoethe poems. Solo piano music pieces from the opera Rosamunde by Schubert are played by Daniela Freschi.

Dance and Music
Entry Dance Marsch - Op. 26, Entr'acte Rosamunde
Waltz Waltz Op. 9, D 365 n. 1, 2, 3
Ecoissaise Ecossaises D 421, n. 1, 2, 5
Rosamunde - Ballet Music
Minuet Minuet D 335
Ecossaise Ecossaises D 781, n. 8, 10, 11
Waltz Waltz Op. 9, D 365 n. 12, 36, 33
Quadrille Ecossaises D 977, n. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6
LändlerLändler Op. 67 D 734, n. 8, Op. 9 D 366 n. 4, 5
Ecossaise Ecossaises Op. 18, D 145, n. 1, 4, 3
Allemande German Dances D 973, n. 1, D 972, n. 2, D 796 n. 2
Galop Graz Galop, D 735, D 925

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