Scottish Tribute

Circolo Pisano della Società di Danza

in collaboration with

The Jolly Beggars
Irish and Scottish music

Sotto il Cielo D'Estate 2002 - Comune di Pisa, Servizio Cultura
July, 14, 2002 - Cortile della Sapienza, Pisa

A tribute to Scotland in an evening of Scottish dances and music proposed by the cultural association Circolo Pisano della Società di Danza together with the band The Jolly Beggars of Irish and Scottish music.
Traditional Scottish dances, Scttish country dances, MacNab dances and highland reel, with solo music and songs, ballads on jig, reel, strathspey and hornpipe tunes.
Traditional Scottish dances have been danced for a long time, they spread out from Scotland to all over the world, and they are strictly connected with the Scottish musical culture and tradition. Dances range from quick time jig and reel to elegant strathspey. They are performed by groups of dancers with costumes in different formations, like the set (square set and longway set) and various coreographic formations for MacNab dances and highland reels. Such dances include also some specific a-solo highland steps.
Dances are reconstructed on the basis of traditional balls and dance manual, books and manuscripts of dances, according to the research carried on by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) of Edinburgh, of which the Circolo Pisano is an affiliated group.


Dance Music
The Summer Assembly, Reel The Maid behind the bar
Light and Airy, Jig Out on the Ocean, Lark in the Morning, Connaughtman Ramble's
Shepherd's Crook Strathspey

Flower of Magherally, Song

The Earl of Errol's Reel, Slow Jig Up in the Air, Patsy Geary's, Coleman's Cross
The Scotch Circle, Reel Drowsy Maggie, Cooley's
Lerwick Reel Strathspey

Lowlands of Holland, Song

Virgina Reel, Flowers of Edinburgh, Reel Virginia Reel, Flowers of Edinburgh
West's Hornpipe, Hornpipe Leslie's, Mason's Apron
Schiehallion Reel Strathspey, Reel

My match is being made, Song

The Earl of Mansfield, Reel Farewell to Erin, St. Anne's Reel
Dashing White Sergeant, Reel Teetotaller, High Reel
Foursome Reel and Reel of Tulloch Strathspey, Reel

Black is the colour, Song

The Olympians, jig Calliope House, Irish Washerwoman
La Tempête, reel Gravel Walk, Dinky's

The Jolly Beggars

Rosy Brondi: voice, bodhran
Alessandro Capanni: chitarra, voice
Giovanni Stea: mandola, arpa celtica, voice
Carlo Rogo: violin
Vincenzo Appolloni: violin
Francesco Ceri: mandolino, flutes, guitar, voice

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