Historical Dances (XV - XVIII Century)

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Historical Dances
(XV - XVIII Century)

Special classes on Historical Dances of the XV - XVIII Century

These special classes focus on the theoretical and practical study of historical dances, from the XV Century to the XVIII Century.
The Società di Danza has organized an Historical Dance School from 1994. Several special seminars on historical dances ranging from the Renaissance to the Baroque period.
Various researchers of historical dances have been invited to present special theoretical and practice classes.

Danzare Mozart

Special classes on social dances of the XVIII Century danced with the music by W.A. Mozart. Basic steps of menuet, allemande and controdances are studied. These classes are part of the project "The dance and the city" and it is realized in collaboration with the cultural society "Arte e Cultura del '700" and the disctrict Savena of the city of Bologna.
Classes: Saturday 31/10/'98, 28/11/'98, 12/12/'98, 9/1/'99, 6/2/'99, 6/3/'99, 10/4/'99, 8/5/'99.
Villa Aldovrandi-Mazzacorati, V. Toscana 19, Bologna

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