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Summer School 2003 - Casa Estiva della Società di Danza

The Società di Danza organizes stage and seminars mostly focused on XIX Century dances. See also Easter School 2003.
For the realized stages see also past schools.

August 2 - 30, 2003
Landro di Gioiosa Marea (Me)

Social dance and historical dance, cultural tourism in a natural oasis.

Director: Fabio Mòllica

Teachers: Tindara Addabbo, Simonetta Balsamo, Alessia Branchi, Assunta Fanuli, Fabio Mòllica

The "Casa Estiva" (Summer House) is a project to allow the associates of the Società di Danza to choose one or more weeks to meet and join the group, study with different teachers and share the Ambient Project.

The Summer School is an opportunity to meet and share various pleasures: the dance, the sea, the countryside hill and the cultural itineraries. It is a place to meet passionate and friends coming from different towns and to share the study of dance programs presented by various teachers: every week a different program and teacher.
Lessons are given in the morning at the Casa Estiva, in the cool air of the hill. In the afternoon one can enjoy the sea with the beach of the Patti Gulf, the surrounding countryside or the mountains of the near Nebrodi and the cultural itineraries through the ancient Sicily.
The Casa Estiva is a meeting place where one can share dance and holiday time life, with the use of a common kitchen or the oven where one can cook on the log-fire and prepare together dinners and evening feasts. The Casa Estiva is also an Ambient Project. Every participant will plant a tree so developing a practice that we would like to lead us, in a short time, to adopt a ground to take care of, with afforestation and protection, in collaboration with ambient Associations.

The Casa Estiva can accommodate 12 people, in two flats with double bathrooms and kitchen: 1 single room, 3 rooms for two people and 2 rooms for three people. Nearby there are other flats with rooms for two or three people. Bed linen is included. They who would like a different accommodation (such as hotel, camping and agriturism) will receive further information.
Arrival on Saturday afternoon and departure on Saturday morning.
The application form has to be received by the Società di Danza-Circolo Modenese, via Cavallerini 6, 41100 Modena, not later than April 15, 2003.
Booking is valid only when a deposit is received.

Directions: The Casa Estiva is not served by public transportation. It is possible to rent a car o a motorbike in Patti.

Fill the form and send it to

Società di Danza, via Cavallerini, 6, 41100 Modena
tel/fax: +39 059 223 723
within 15.4.2003.
You can download the leaflet here.

For further information: or call +39 059 223723
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