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Easter School 2012

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April, 6 - 9 , 2012
Sestola (Mo)

Three days of dance in the natural park of the Apennines

Director: Fabio Mòllica
Teachers: Fabio Mòllica, Simonetta Balsamo, Assunta Fanuli, Gabriella Gamberini, Lorenza Guerini, Gianluca Storchi

The traditional Easter School of the Società di Danza this year will be in Sestola (Mo).
In one of the most famous cities of Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.
In a beautiful natural environment, we will have the opportunity to spend a few days of community life, and to study more in-depth theoretical and practical aspects of our idea of dance.
We study social dances of 19th Century tradition:
Waltz, Quadrilles, polka, mazurka and Scottish Country Dance.
The classes will be divided into three levels. Classes and seminars will be held both morning and afternoon. The evenings will be devoted to parties.
From Friday evening at dinner to Monday morning at lunch.


Friday 6 April Saturday 7 April Sunday 8 April Monday 9 April
9.00 -12.30: Classes 9.00 -12.30: Classes 9.00 -12.30: Classes
13.00: Lunch 13.00: Lunch 13.00: Lunch
16.00 -20.00: Arrival 15.30 -18.00: Classes 15.30 -18.00: Classes 14.30: Conclusion
18-19.30: Theoretical seminar 18-19.30: Theoretical seminar
20.30: Dinner 20.30: Dinner 20.30: Dinner
21.30: Presentation 21.30: Dancing evening 21.30: Dancing evening

A map of Sestola: hotel and dance halls.
Full board from Friday evening to Monday morning and dance activities:
in a two bedroom 270 E, in a 3 or 4 bedroom 240 E, single room 350 E.
Deposit of 150 E to be paid by April, 1, 2012.

To receive further information write to or call +39 339 8316008

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