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Società di Danza is a Federation of 'Circoli', groups and individuals that agree with the Manifesto, the System of dance and the Educational Material.

The Federation is directed by the foundator Fabio Mòllica, who avail himself of the collaboration of teachers, responsables of the 'Circoli' and all the associates that want to participate to the organizative processes.

The Manifesto, the System and the Educational Material are the theoretical, ideological and practical glue support of our movement. The Director is responsible for the elaboration and adoption.

The Federation has been founded on 23/9/2012 and registered in Modena on 27/9/2012.

The Federation aims to coordinate the activities of national and international Associations Società di Danza.

In particular, the Federation will:

The Federation is non-profit and it does not develop any economic activity, and I only has ideal finality.
It is based on genuine cooperation and mutual trust.

The members of the Federation are committed to promote all the activities organized by the Società di Danza.

Società di Danza has a National Web Site Nazionale and a Weekly Letter: they are the computer means of official relationship and communication towards the outside and to all the associates. All the members of the Federation are committed to to supprt it.

Regulation of the Federation Società di Danza

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