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National Federation Società di Danza
Approved by National Federation Società di Danza
at foundation time and subsequent integrations.
Federation Regulations - updated 30.4.2019


Purpose of the Società di Danza is developing the Dance System , which has found its form in the Books, in the Manifesto and in the Teaching Material produced by M.o Fabio Mòllica.
  1. Società di Danza grows and develops through the activity of the individual territorial 'Circoli' called Società of Dance.
  2. The individual Circoli, legally recognized as a Cultural Association, take the name of the City in which they operate.
  3. In the presence of three or more Circoli in a Region it is possible to found a regional co-ordination association that will take the name of 'Società of Danza and the name of the Region'.
  4. The Circle can exist only in the presence of a teacher of the Federation or of a student of the Teacher Training Seminar, regularly enrolled in the register of Teachers, as a guarantor of respect for the ideas and the practice of Società di Danza .
  5. Circoli operate in the territory of relevance. The Municipality is considered to be the territory of relevance. They can act on different territory only after agreement with the Federation.
    Failure to comply with this point can be considered a reason for expulsion from the register for the teacher and from the Federation for the Circolo.
  6. Circoli should not conflict or generate competition of any kind between them.
  7. Problems generated in the interaction between Circoli will be addressed and resolved by the Board of Directors, also through a review of the rules of the Regulations, if this is not exhaustive or unclear on the subject.
  8. Failure to comply with the decisions of the Board of Directors in matters of dispute between clubs involve expulsion from the register for the teacher and from the Federation for the Circolo.
  9. At Società di Danza can join, but not federate, groups and associations that do not yet have a teacher enrolled in the register and are not constituted in the Association 'Società di Danza'. The aforementioned groups will be called the Affiliate Group. Groups or associations thatare not guided by a teacher or a student teacher of Società di Danza cannot be aggregated to Società di Danza. Dancers the are leader or teacher of other groups of 19th century dance o similar ones cannot associate to the 'Associazione Amici della Società di Danza'. Dancers the are leader or teacher of other groups of 19th century dance o similar cannot associate to Circoli or groups of 'Società di Danza'.

  1. Each club or group must promptly send to the Secretary of the Federation the complete registration form for each member.
    This will guarantee to the Federation to be able to send information of general interest to all national partners.
  2. One can participate in local and national activities only if in compliance with the registration and the relative insurance.
  3. The Federation provides for the stipulation of the national insurance contract

Teacher Training Seminar
  1. The seminar takes place on a monthly basis. The rules for participation and operation of the Teacher Training Seminar are set in a special Regulations,
    drawn up by the Board of Directors.
  2. The status of the Teachers is certified by a special Register of Teachers of Società di Danza, drafted and updated by the Board of Directors.
National and International Stages.
Grand Ball
Party and Tea Dance

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Regolamento precedente 2016

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