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School of 19th Century Dance
Cultural association directed by Fabio Mòllica
National Federation Società di Danza

Waltz, Quadrille, Contry Dances, Mazurka, Polka and Scottish Country Dances
Tea dances and Balls

Promotion of historical research in the dance field.

Reggio Emilia - Information: 349 5195636 - reggioemilia@societadidanza.it

19th Century Social Dance

Quadrille, waltz, polka, mazurka, Scottish dance to introduce and enter the world of 19th Century dance in Italy and Europe

Year 2021-2022

Courses of 19th century dance of the Società di Danza in Reggio Emilia
for the year 2021-2022 starting in October, every week

Course of 19th century dance
Courses start on:
October 2021
at Obbiettivo Danza
Via Monti Urali 4, Reggio Emilia
Friday, h. 21.00-23.00

Teacher: Enrico Zaniboni

For information: 349 5195636 - reggioemilia@societadidanza.it

Courses for adults and young people. We study 19th Century dances of European tradition, including quadrilles, country dances, waltz, mazurka, polka, galop, schottische. The dances are studied according to the research work of the Società di Danza.
La Società di Danza is a cultural assoctiation that focuses on research, practice and diffusion of historical dance, and specifically 19th century dance. From 2007 it is a Federation active in several cities and to which the group of Pistoia is affiliated and shares the ideas. The Società di Danza organizes courses, gran ball reconstructions in various Italian and European cities, schools and historical dance stages, produces books on dance history, specifically of 19th century, educational material, collaborates with cultural institutions and associations, and promotes historical research in the dance field.

Years 2017-2018 and 2018-2019

Courses of 19th century dance of the Società di Danza have been held in Reggio Emilia
for the years 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 from October to May, every week. During the year 2019-2020 from October to February.

Scottish Party

Sunday 19 January 2020, h. 15.30
Obbiettivo danza, Via Monti Urali 4
Reggio Emilia

Program: The Hospitality Circle, The Kingston Jig, The Highland Rambler, The Wandering Piper, The Brudenell Jig, The Forth Bridge Reel, The Pipe Opener, The Scotch Circle, Saint Martin's Strathspey, New Caledonia Jig, Border Meeting, Miss Hadden's Reel, The 'Oban' Reel, The Wright Reel, 90th Birthday, Catch as Catch Can
Extra: The Olympians, Postie's Jig, Les plaisir

Information: Enrico 3495195636

Società di Danza